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Complex and heavy information conveyed in a visual and user-friendly manner

PAA Project Finance

3D images / Corporate website

EAC Trading was about to change their name to PAA Project Finance, and as their website had become obsolete, it was a perfect opportunity to get a new website. They wanted a sharp profile that signals a high level of professionalism in terms of choice of colours, design, font and of course content. At the same time it was important to them that the content was comprehensible, the structure simple and with a focus on the user experience. Cadesign form developed a visually and strongly communicating website, which is able to explain a significant part of the content using simple and easy-decoding graphics. It provides the user with a quick and accurate overview of the website, where he/she is free from having to read long texts or click through various subpages to find relevant information. PAA Project Finance’s website is an example proving that complicated and heavy information can be communicated in a way that is both user-friendly and comprehensive.

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