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On the cutting edge of 3D – sell a new product before it's even been made

PR electronics

Product video

PR electronics is a process and factory automation company that is driven by curiosity and innovation. PR electronics is at the cutting edge in everything it does – including 3D animation.

"It all began when we were about to develop a new product, which naturally we had no image material for," recalls Mizi Rahbek Lauritsen, Head of Global Marketing at PR electronics. "But we still wanted to hype the product beforehand. We needed an attractive teaser that could show our customer how the finished product would look."

So PR electronics went to Cadesign form, Denmark's leading 3D production agency. The best thing about 3D animation is that the video can be produced before the product is even finished.

With the teaser, PR electronics was able to briefly introduce the product, much to the customers' delight: "It creates a 'wow' effect," Mizi says.

"Our products are very complicated, so instead of using countless words and explanations, we simply use 3D video. It's a great visual way to explain how our products work," she concludes.

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