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CGI enables you to simply illustrate a wide range of products

Simpson Strong-Tie is the world’s leading construction connector manufacturer and they are located all around the world. They have a wide range of products and due to the nature and purpose of the products, it is difficult for them to show their products and illustrate how they are used in practice. This is because they are often hidden in the building and therefore not visible in photographs.

Simpson Strong-Tie came to Cadesign form searching for a good way to illustrate how their products are used as well as a way to give a quick insight into their different products. We had a solution for them that met both criteria – in the same picture! This is because by using CGI, it becomes possible to focus on whichever part of a picture you wish – even the parts that are usually not visible! The solution was a picture that enables the customers to look into a house and see how the products are placed in different parts of the house. Therefore, Simpson Strong-Tie received a picture that simply shows their products and how they are placed in a house.

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