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Visual navigation and a sun-study for a world-leading developer


3D images / Apartment Selector / Interactive product presentation

Skanska is among the world’s leading developer companies with departments situated in many parts of Europe. Skanska builds a great number of building projects on a yearly basis and common to all building projects is the difficulty in marketing and selling them, before they are built. Skanska was about to market a building project in Göteborg, but they lacked marketing material to present to the potential buyers. Cadesign form solved Skanska’s problem by providing them with an interactive apartments-selector in 3D. On the basis of only a couple of building sketches, we recreated the building in 3D. The apartment-selector works as a visual navigation for potential buyers, where they are able to click their way around the building and receive different information on the specific apartments and also view pictures of the fully designed apartments.

In addition to the apartment-selector, Cadesign form also created a sun-study, which illustrates the sun’s implication on the individual apartments during the day in a specific month – an extremely attractive function for potential buyers. The complete visualization provides the buyers with a far better sense of the apartments and also increases the potential for sale.

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