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Product presentation with authority

RPC Superfos is the first manufacturer in the world to make preserves jars out of plastic. Now that's impressive! But even when you have a groundbreaking product, the story must still be communicated properly, and not least with authority to its potential new customers. This can be a challenge, especially to a company like RPC Superfos. Torben Noer, Product Design Manager at RPC Superfos, explains why:

"As a rule, our product is synonymous with fairly large investments for the customer, so it can be challenging to sell."

Superfos' sellers must therefore be optimally equipped for sales, and this is where Cadesign form came into the picture. Cadesign form produced a unique film that not only presents the new preserves jar and its benefits, but also brands RPC Superfos as a pioneer within its field.

The film became so popular that it received 1,000 views on YouTube in one-and-a-half months. "That's just really great for a product film," says a satisfied Torben Noer, and goes on:

"Everyone thinks that it is an incredibly great-looking film, which tells the story really well, and it gives the sellers a strong, sales-supporting tool."

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