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TK Development - Beddingen 7, Aalborg, Denmark

3D images / Configuration / VR / Brochure / Commercial / Strategy / Social Media Materials

Sometimes a single sentence can form the framework for an entire property development project. "We have something on Beddingen" is a Danish phrase for "we have something in the pipeline".

As you might have noticed, Beddingen is the address where the housing project will be built. It is located at Østre Havnebassin on the waterfront in Aalborg.

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43 apartments
Two target groups

What's “on Beddingen” is a quality building with 43 luxury apartments, to be sold primarily to the 50+ and the young ambitious couples with one or no children. Two audiences with different needs and preferences - that requires thought-through marketing.

"Great materials - both online and physical - give customers a realistic impression of what they are buying"

Morten Dahl, owner and estate agent, Home Aalborg

Hitting the target

What do we mean, when we talk about synergy on all platforms? Why should you think about identity development and a marketing strategy? Why is scheduled communication the only way forward? Because it works. Full stop.

Beddingen is thought-through from brochure to web and of course creating continuous activity on social media.

Therefore, the identity is so incisive that customers can easily recognize that "there is something on Bedding / in the pipe-line", the communication is tailored to those who can and will actually buy, and the activities are published at times and platforms where the buyers are present.

"The website, brochure and film are all created in a beautiful visual design, and Dimension Design has ensured a strict, streamlined connecting thread in all marketing materials.

As a result, the design is as high-end as the buildings we are creating.
Dimension Design has met our expectations for increased attention on the project."


Erik Godtfredsen, Senior Vice President, TK Development

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