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Trivselshus lets the customer become the designer of their own house


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Trivselshus builds standard houses for private customers, and the core of their business is to deliver design solutions, which is tailored to the customer’s individual need. Trivselshus can offer their customers many additional choices in the process of designing their house. The customer can for instance choose between a red and black roof, light or dark wooden floor and whether the customer wants a kitchen with a modern or more traditional design. It provides the sales people of Trivselshus with a challenge in having to keep track of the many different opportunities, they can offer and at the same time having to keep track of the total price. Cadesign form came with a solution to the problem: With the high amount of influence that the customers have on the final output, we thought, why not let them become the designer of their own house? The result was a standard house builder in 3D – a program that guides the customer through the entire design process step-by-step.

The house-builder visualises all additional choices and design options and at the same time continually updates the total price of the house. It is a strong visual inspiration tool for the customer. Furthermore, it is a strong sales tool for the seller, which involves the customer in the process, eases the job of the seller and increases the chances of a sale.

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