One product – endless visual possibilities

Give us your product and we will give you everything within and beyond the boundaries of computer generated reality. Surrounding your product with a digital layer gives you unlimited possibilities for communicating everything from the highly complicated, technical product to a single innovative thought in an impressing, entertaining and easy digestible way.

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Whether your product is a 

Once your product is digital, we can present it in any way, shape, form and setting, and we know exactly what will work for your audience.

Change the colour and material as you like

If you have a product that comes in 1,000 different colours, 100 different fabric types, and 10 different underframe materials - no problem. You can even present the millions of combinations too.

Show all the hidden details and functions

Is the brilliance of your invention hidden deep inside the products? Make the product see-through and show off the essence of its functions.

Dissolve and assemble ...

Understanding how a product works and how to assemble it is half the sale. Whether it is an assembly film for users or installation workers – a still image to display quality in every component – or an interactive customising feature, CGI makes it possible.

CGI and reality combined

Photography? Live action film? Computer generated images or film? It's not a question of one or the other. Real footage and CGI can be seamlessly combined.

In whatever suitable setting - real or unreal

If a cliff or a heap of snow is the best setting for your product presentation, so it shall be. With CGI we can create whatever setting, day or night, sunshine or rain, realistic or magical... Unlock your imagination!

Needless to say... you can use it anywhere!

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