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AR combines virtual elements with reality


Augmented Reality

Take the best from visual technology and the best from reality and you have Augmented Reality. The sales tool that lets your customer see what your products will look like in their own home.

Augmented reality is unique. With AR, we build up your products digitally so they can be placed in real environments. So when your customer is not sure which sofa would fit his living room better, you can allow him to try your different products at home – without the whole hassle of getting the products there. He can place all your different sofas, lamps or carpets in his living room within a few minutes and play with it until he is convinced what product is the best match for his home.


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What is augmentation?

According to the dictionary ‘to Augment’ is to increase the size or value of something by adding something to it. Which is actually the perfect definition both figuratively and literally speaking.

Augmented reality or AR literally adds an extra layer to reality by placing a fictive or digital layer to what you place in front of the camera on your smart phone or tablet.

In figurative terms, it adds a whole new dimension to product presentation, as your customer can ‘try on’ you product in the surroundings he intends the product to be placed in.

It goes without saying, that AR increases the value of product presentation as it eliminates all doubts about whether the product will fit the dream. With the opportunity to browse around in your entire product range and place each product where he wants, AR extends the customer experience to levels yet unseen. That leaves you with an overly satisfied customer.

Furthermore, it places you way ahead of competitors if, or should we say when, you offer Augmented Reality product presentation to your customers. When they have tried you on for size, they will look no further.

 GoAR with an Augmented Reality agency that can actually rise to the challenge of augmented perfection. 

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