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People love watching moving images. And we love making them. If you love the idea of attracting and keeping the attention of your customers and getting your message across, you should incorporate films into your strategy. You can tell any story you want in a matter of seconds – a strong marketing medium on you website, at sales meetings, at trade fairs, and definitely on social media.

Animation has its perks, as you can alter reality as you please. However, real live footage ensures authenticity and ‘keeps it real’, so to speak. Luckily, we are experts in both areas of video production and can undertake the challenging task of combining the two. Real, unreal or both – we know how to present you in motion picture.  

So whether you’re on the lookout for a sparkling commercial, an infotaining short, an impressive corporate presentation or something as brilliant as an assembly film, the important thing is that you think film in everything you do. 


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Complexity simplified with storytelling

Product Film

At Danfoss they are brave and not only willing to take chances but intentionally seeking new and uncharted ground. They take innovative steps every day to engineer tomorrow – and luckily, we get to go with them.

Together we have set out on exciting journeys launching unconventional ideas. We have let the grace of ballet act as a symbol of the excellence of their IMC Integrated Motion Controller and created an inter-contextual reference to the “Transformers” universe to explain the wonders of their Orbital motors.

The journeys are based on trust and confidence, and we are proud to meet their expectations and keep their trust.


Your entire business in minutes

Corporate Film

Film works better than words on social media, at sales meetings, at trade fairs, on your website… anywhere. No one has time for 10 powerpoint slides or reading column after column about who you are. Show and tell your entire business and all its outstanding qualities in minutes through a medium that actually keeps the interest and makes you memorable – corporate film.

In all modesty, we are quite proud of our own corporate film, and we will tell you why: It does the job, but in a new and refreshing way – stepping away from the stereotype and further into the future of corporate film. Check it out below…

The Feldhaus Feeling

Sometimes there is no need for words or explanations. Sometimes the right scenery, perfect lighting, high-end equipment, evocative music and excellent editing comes together and becomes artistic branding. there can be no doubt about the ambitions of Feldhaus when they release a film like this one...

Coming across to many 


For Cibes, we have created a product launch film to promote their new lift concept EcoSilent. It is an Eco-friendly, silent and beautiful lift that can be fitted into modern homes.

By extracting the value of the product for its buyers in an atmospheric storytelling Cibes presents more than a product – they present the dream that it unfolds.

Added value

Assembly Animation & E-learning Videos

For over a decade, we have helped Geberit look good and perform their best. We are proud of having contributed to their clean and sophisticated look, but we are even prouder of the value we bring to the organisation through the many assembly films, we have made over the years. It is now a documented fact that the thorough assembly guides help reduce incorrect installations and errors in fittings. In turn, the assembly time is shortened, the installation price lowered, and the customer satisfaction heightened.

Do you know that you can transform almost every product delivered from Cadesign form to a sublime Social Media post or ad?

Check out your SoMe possibilities...


Process Film, Information Videos, Explainer videos or Infographics?

Process Film

They may have different names but they have one thing in common; they can be the missing link between you and potential customers, as video is one of the fastest ways to explain how a product works, how it works in relation to a line of products, how it can optimize an assembly line, how it looks inside, in a cut-through, inside a wall etcetera. Or maybe it’s a service that needs to be explained in order for people to understand, how your expertise can better their lives.

Take an oven like the one from Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH - even though it is absolutely beautiful to look at, it is the genius of the intelligent system within the oven that makes all the difference for the customer. So Küppersbusch turns to CGI … obviously.

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