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What do you want? We can make it. Don’t know exactly what you want? Even better. Because we do.
Since 1994, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of CGI, both in terms of photorealistic quality and targeted styling.

CGI provides you with endless possibilities, lightning-fast delivery, resource-saving execution, creative freedom and the chance to alter and reuse any image as you see fit. Going along with CGI is a regular no-brainer; it’s easier, more adventurous, prettier, and more cost-effective.

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The power of art direction and styling


Whatever you do, don’t forget to ask the right people how to ‘dress’ your images. Styling and art direction are crucial elements to make your image pop out from competition and trigger the curiosity and interest of your potential customer. Whether you boldly go to the extravagant extreme in your approach, a cool, stylish and minimalistic mood or maybe you pursue a subtle romantic atmosphere – your success depends on the right stylistic inputs.

That is why, we have our own stylists inhouse. Every interior, exterior, conceptual or closeup image we create has to be state-of-the-art and styled to perfection, because we know, what will make your customer stop in wonder.

Check out the stylish images we made for Strai, Foss and A. Enggaard below... 

Product presentation perfection

Product Images & Packshots

Whether you sell products online in a webshop or not – online is where you customer goes to browse products.

Consumers worldwide purchased $2.86 trillion on the web in 2018 and the majority of consumers conduct research online prior to buying. These facts make the look of your packshot and product image essential to your sales stats.

For Pressalit we made product images with razor sharp detailing and left nothing to chance in terms of lighting, reflections and visual information.

Webshop Magic - a 1000 product images or more

Product Images & Packshots

Like every commerce customer out there, a BoConcept customer wants to see all facets of the spectacular products; every colour, every type of material, and every style combination. To accommodate this explosively evolving tendency, BoConcept needs an incalculable amount of images.

To accommodate the exploding need for thousands upon thousands product images for e-commerce we have developed a technology that can produce millions of images in a wink of an eye.

And it doesn’t stop there. The technology gives us the basis we need to create other marketing visuals, such as film, social media videos, interior and exterior images, website visuals and just about everything you can come up with.

Product images like these are only possible with computer generation technologies so the first step toward endless visual possibilities and perfect product presentation is Digital Transformation

What dreams are made of

Exterior Images

Finding it hard to find the right location for your images? It’s all in the past now. You can place your products in a New York penthouse, a Scandinavian cabin, or a terrace overlooking the Sydney Opera House. And no travelling necessary! We can build up 100% photo-realistic images of any location, in any lighting and any weather.

Simply put; all the things you need to take care of and are hoping for when taking photographs are eliminated and created digitally instead. So no more worrying about coordinating everything and everyone and hoping for the right weather.

Suddenly, getting new product images is not a stressful process anymore. We remove all the uncertainty and uncontrollable elements, and you can be certain that your images will turn out as you wish.

Images that sell both products and dreams

Exterior Images

At Gloster Furniture, they design exquisite furniture with attention to every little detail, clean lines, careful choice of materials, and embracing comfort. Beautiful furniture need beautiful images, which is why Gloster Furniture chooses the unlimited world of CGI. Now, their images are selling the dream.

Don’t look for the perfect location – make it.

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Mainstream with personality
– the delicate balance

Interior Images

Interior images are not just about placing the product in likable surroundings. It’s about making the product fit a story and a dream – filled with personality and detail yet tempting to a broad target group. With superb 3D, contemporary and edgy styling, classy décor and an inviting atmosphere, we wrap your product in dreams.

Black 'n bold
VikingBad offers cutting-edge bathroom designs with bold curves and an innovative use of colours and surface materials.

However, there is another path of genius to take – if you have the guts to do it…


Make the interior image stand out from the heavy load of competition by travelling down a more sophisticated road with black in black beauty. Who has the stamina to order such a bathroom? Not many perhaps. However, many will stop in awe and amazement and be inspired. And inspiration sell products.

Making the product stand out

Interior Images

When you do bricks like Egernsund Tegl you have to conceptualise the images to make sure that your product will not slide into the background. Keeping everything in the room streamlined, we made the bricks work as the primary interior styling effect.

”You are in good hands with Cadesign – they are innovative, visionary, friendly, solution-oriented and an amazing sounding board. You are definitely a front runner if you choose them! I wouldn’t be without them!”


Mia Thøisen, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer, Egernsund Tegl

Horse it up

Conceptual Images


What the h… is that? True beauty is sometimes found in the weird and literally outstanding. Conceptual images are effective eye-catchers as the unexpected draws attention.

For Eilersen, who makes living room furniture, grace is in the wild and wicked, so they wrap their product in a fairy tale story based on their historic foundation of coachbuilding.

Equally daring is furniture manufacturer Montana, who is especially known for iconic shelves and bookcases. Their approach to product presentation is truly inspiring with power-slashes of colours and quirky storytelling.

The beauty within

Process Images & Cut-throughs

So, how do you sell the genius inside a product when it is hidden from sight? Cut it open and slice it up… with CGI of course. Or what if you want to show a process with different steps? Well, once again the answer is CGI.

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