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Customers usually see you as just another exhibition stand or just another store, as they work their way through all the offers. Some may even think that you look exactly like all the rest and leaving their window shopping tour with no recollection of who offered what. Wouldn't it be great if they could actually remember you afterwards? 

Stand out with an instore or showroom solution that will impress, involve, and make you sell more.

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Fulfil all dreams and create new ones

While your customers' power of imagination is reducing, their expectations for product presentations are increasing.

With a beautiful oasis inside the store, the customer is invited to play with your product until he finds the perfect combination.

If you offer a lot of variants and combination options of your product, show them in an Instore solution. That way you will fulfil all wishes and position yourself in front of competitors.


"There is no doubt that this instore solution generates sales!"

This is what Ove Povlsen, store manager in Invita, Aalborg, Denmark, says about their Instore solution.

Leading kitchen manufacturer, Invita, has created an Instore solution that really converts interest to sale. All doubts and uncertainties, the customer could possibly have, are eliminated.

They get a unique possibility to see all variants, with their own eyes, before they say yes. What cabinets match the tabletop? Would a classic kitchen fit better than a modern one? Let them try it out! It's fun, informative, and convincing!

“We reach all target groups based on carefully chosen styles. You can see your future kitchen in a room that is in close resemblance to your own and adjust with a cooking island, paint colour, and go from modern to classic and back again.

There is no doubt that this Instore solution generates sales. The customers will remember us - we stand out. We also close the deal faster because they don't have to try to imagine what different combinations will look like. They can try it out, touch the materials, and see all combinations."

Ove Povlsen, store manager in Invita, Aalborg

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