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Let’s go straight to the bottom line: You want to hit your target audience, strengthen your brand, sell products and services and recruit the most eligible employees.

So go ahead – it can be straightforward. 

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Whether it’s the black sheep of your company and a constant thing to avoid or a top priority, strategy is not to be neglected. It is important to form an opinion on the future and take preliminary action.

However, when collaborating with Cadesign form, you’re asked the right questions from the get-go, ensuring that no content specific action is taken without a perfect understanding of who you are and what you need.

The combined experiences of you and us goes a long way and it is possible to let a new marketing product, such as a website, a film or corporate presentation, be the starting point of a bigger strategic picture.

Once the basics like market position, target groups, national and international intentions, visions and values are identified, a strategy can be formed alongside the marketing product.

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Connecting with your customer
- to be (seen), or not to be (seen), that is the question

Projecting dreams for potential customers has no effect if they aren’t around to experience them. Presenting on the right platform in the most effective format is imperative. Luckily, everything 3D is everywhere implementable, and we know what goes where and why, so that you can meet your criteria for success.

Take your digital content anywhere...

It takes an audience to sell...

It takes an audience to sell, and different products have different touch-points according to their target audience. You need a digital solution that is platform specific, and yet adaptable. With CGI, you can alter and reuse, making your sales window larger and more flexible. The list of touch-points where you can impress your audience is getting longer by the minute:

Websites, microsites, banners, adverts, overlays, apps, QR-codes, newsletters and posts on Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slide Share, RSS etc. And let’s not forget the huge Virtual Reality trend you can use at trade fairs, at sales meetings, in showrooms, for in-store solutions, or in the middle of the busiest shopping street in town.

Facebook B2C and B2B? Should you?

The short answer is: Probably.

Success on Facebook depends on a lot of things but one thing is clear - with 2.27 billion monthly active users you are likely to get something in return if you turn to Facebook.

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Fomaco goes full service


Fomaco specializes in machines, which salt and marinate different kinds of meat and fish. The degree of innovation in developments and their inexhaustible approach to continuous optimization were not reflected in their visual and communicative identity. They needed change. And as a characteristic of Fomaco there were no short cuttings. Only the full and the best would do.

So they started out with product film that explained to full extent the purpose, function and excellence of their products. Fomaco then wanted an identity and a design, which equaled the high quality and professionalism of their company, processes and products. Moreover, it was important to them to be able to communicate about their very complex products in a simple and comprehensible manner.

This resulted in an impressive, user-friendly and highly communicative corporate website, informative brochures in many variations and different languages, CGIs of all products and equipment, new corporate colours and a new logo. Synergy on all platforms and professionalism throughout all of their communication.

All of this started with a plan… not 200 pages of what, why and how, but a simple visual communication strategy that falls perfectly in-line with their corporate strategy.

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