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What you see is what you get, is the most convincing and reassuring sales statement, you can make. That is why you should consider the possibilities of customization, configuration, interactive product building, or whatever you want to call the tool that is known as the ultimate sales converter.

It’s a win-win – your customers have fun with your product and your brand, they are reassured and proud of their customized solution, and your sales representatives will spend less time per customer as they all come well-prepared.


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Customising ewe


To Austrian kitchen manufacturer ewe, and its two other brands FM and INTUO, we created three customising tools. The customizers present the kitchens in different settings and allow the user to adjust anything from cabinets and tabletops to the wooden floors.


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Most shopping experiences today happen at home – online. So it’s crucial to make sure to present the best possible representation of your products online. With GoCustomTM, you can do just that by the click of a button. It allows your customers to interact with your product and basically design their own custom solution.


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Builder tool for the customisable Talgø garden buildings

Builder Tool

The Talgø concept is genius. A set of simple building rules and optional elements of fixed measures gives the customers a playground of opportunities. However, they need an interactive tool to create their dream garden rooms in an organized manner. Using the newest webGL technology, we gave them a builder tool, which matches customer wishes to production operations.


Try the tool and build the garden house of your dreams or check out the presentation film below...

Let the customers remember YOU

Instore Solutions

Stand out from all your competors with an instore solution that allows your customer to design his or hers very own, unique solution - whether it's a kitchen, a wardrobe, a garden house or something forth, it will make them remember you over the rest.


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