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A Product Configuration Tool

GoCustom is an easy-to-use customizer tool, which lets you present your full catalogue of products, models, colours and textures in a neat, fun and engaging way. With GoCustom, users can interact with your products and choose their favourites.

And not only that. GoCustom is a powerful sales tool. It effectively turns curious browsers into happy customers, and it delivers customer behaviour data and provides tools to boost your business.

Why GoCustom™?

Most shopping experiences today happen at home – online. So it’s crucial to make sure to present the best possible representation of your products online. With GoCustom, you can do just that by the click of a button. GoCustom is so easy to implement and the benefits are massive. It allows your customers to interact with your product and basically design their own custom solution.

This full insight eliminates customer insecurity, and the engaging properties of the tool have presented massive increases in time spent on the website. But it doesn’t just generate website traffic. GoCustom boosts showroom traffic as well – we’ve seen cases with close to 500 bookings. Per week.

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Imagine yourself selling kitchens- can you imagine a more powerful sales tool than presenting customers with their dream kitchen right in front of their eyes? Try it out here:

Expand your showroom experience


With GoCustom as an in-store solution, you have the opportunity to combine the actual samples of materials with the digital customiser tool. It lets customers feel the texture under their fingertips and at the same time see the final solution visualised digitally with this exact material. It makes for a very immersive experience and very confident and happy customers.


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Remote power

Let the customers control your big screen customiser tool through their own smartphones. Imagine letting passing customers control the big screen in your store front window outside opening hours. Design their dream solution right there in your window. Or letting visitors design your display on the next big trade fair, building their own custom solution.

There is no end to the possibilities. Literally.

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What leading brands say about GoCustom™

”We have seen a significant improvement in customer engagement and increased dwell time online for kitchens, with positive growth in appointment requests. Cadesign owned the entire journey from initial scoping and project management to delivery and aftercare and continue to be a great partner to work with.”

Rob Baker, projektledare, Homebase


“We are very happy and satisfied with our kitchen configurator as it offers many individual options for our clients and helps them to create their own ewe kitchen. It is a very useful way to satisfy the needs of potential customers!“

Anna Mayerl, chef för digital kommunikation, ewe

“I have experienced that customers like being dared into more bold combinations. There is no doubt it will generate sales. We can close more deals and faster, because they don’t have to make decisions based on their imagination. They can test it, feel it and see all the combinations. The solution is working as the converting tool to close the sale.”

Ove Povlsen, butikschef, Invita,




Qualified decisions

The Compare Tool within GoCustom™ allows your customer to compare different configurations side-by-side with a moveable, vertical splitter bar. That calls for qualified decisions to be made.

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GoCustomTM can be used for a variety of different products and types of businesses.
Here are a few examples.

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About the GoCustom™ platform

GoCustom™ is a standardized “off the shelf” product running as a shared platform service. All solutions on the platform consist of a basic customizer front-end (user interface) allowing for a number of CGI scenes to each have a number of customizable layers, which can finally have a number of materials applied to them.

From an end-user perspective, this is all done through a standardized menu interface.

On top of the basic solution, we offer an increasing number of modules that allow for extra functionality, features, and customization. However, the underlying base system always remains the same.


GoCustom™ features an extensive portfolio of valuable modules for improved user experience, data tracking, in-store usage as well as integration possibilities. See full list of available modules here.


Your total investment in a GoCustom™ solution is split into the following part-deliveries:

• The GoCustom™ platform
   o Base price for the GoCustom™ platform (the application itself)
   o Optionally, bespoke user interface
   o Additional modules

• CGI scenes
   o Creating new CGI scenes or reusing existing from previous CGI productions by Cadesign form
   o Preparing all CGI scenes for Customizing (defining layers and mask)

• Material handling (textures)
   o Creating new materials & colours
   o Reuse existing materials & colours from CGI productions by Cadesign form

• Licence & hosting, annual maintenance fee

Are you looking for a specific price for your GoCustom™ solution? Please find your local contact here

Image Quality and performance

As a balancing point between performance and image quality, all CGI scene images are built for regular HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

Typical rendering time for an image is ~1 second, depending on the number of customizable layers, cache state, and customizer use. As a general rule of thumb, the more a customizer is used, the faster the image generation. This may seem contradictory, but the more users, the faster the cache is built up, and thus the faster images can be served (using the cache storage).

Localization & Translation

GoCustom™ allows localization/language variations. For the user interface texts, GoCustom™ offers a number of languages, at the time including; English, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Each solution can have a number of language variations set up. Each language will have its own domain name, e.g.:


For each language, scenes and materials can either have a default name or have a translated name. By default, all scenes and all materials will be available in all language variations. However, materials may be disabled on a per language base.

Integration on client website

GoCustom™ runs as a stand-alone website via a custom URL (web address), by default in a form like “”. Optionally, the client can setup their own hostname (e.g. “”) to make it appear more “branded” and “private”. In terms of integration and/or linking from the client’s own website, we recommend one of these options:

1) Linking
Setup their own microsite/single page that introduces the customizer tool, describes the possibilities etc. and from there make a simple hyperlink to open the customizer tool (e.g. in a new, separate window).

2) Embedding / IFRAME
The client embeds GoCustom™ using an IFRAME. This approach will display GoCustom™ in a designated, rectangular area on the client’s website, thus making it appear as an integral part of the website.
Please keep in mind that you could also choose to do both of the above.

Platform technology behind GoCustom™

All solutions built on the platform run on the same web server as a single, unified and shared application.

Technical details on the platform:
• Core system built in-house from the ground by Cadesign form up on the Microsoft .NET platform
• Data storage in Microsoft SQL Server
• Front-end built on light-weight and modern HTML(5) and JavaScript principles

Please contact us for further information.

Security testing & Server access

GoCustom™ is hosted on servers running nothing else but this system. We run a nightly data backup on the platform, and continuously we run manual server maintenance; applying relevant software patches, off-loading backups, etc.

Direct access to the servers is restricted to our developers and technicians who maintain and develop on the platform. Other select employees in Cadesign form only have access to an abstract administration backend, used to configure and setup client solutions. These users do not have access to the database, and do not have access to any user logs or raw data.

Data collection & GDPR

GoCustom™ does not collect any sensitive personal data. GDPR distinguishes between personal data and particularly sensitive personal data. The only personal data that the system processes are e-mail addresses for those solutions adding the ‘share by e-mail’ module.

We offer a guaranteed time frame (e.g. 60 days) where we ensure that specific data will be deleted.

Every customer on a GoCustom™ solution will be signing a Data Processing Agreement with Cadesign Form A/S.


Each year the client will pay a licence. The hosting cost is an integrated part of this licence, and the licence will be invoiced in January every year for a 12-month period only. First year’s licence will be reduced to the number of actual months from the day being launched until ultimo December same year.

About the licence:

- A simple ‘pay per scene’ model
- Ensures that your solution is being updated on the run, i.e. in terms of;
- New front-end features adding value to the user experience
- New back-end features adding value to the administration
- Update for new browser versions
- Security updates, bug fixes etc.
- Support by e-mail and phone Monday-Friday 9-15 on normal working days

Hosting information

The hosting is solely handled by Cadesign form, and clients will not be able to host the solution themselves. A hosting company called Tilaa (, situated in Amsterdam, NL, manages the physical hosting of the platform server. They were chosen as our hosting partner based on thorough research and comparison with a number of other European hosting providers:

• Scalable virtual servers
• ISO certified on many levels, with regards to both security, data handling, stability etc.
• Very high-speed international network connectivity

SLA - Service Level Agreement

We offer support by e-mail and phone Monday-Friday 9-15 on normal working days. When signing the contract for a GoCustom™ solution, the customer will sign a Service Level Agreement

Geometry changes in the products

GoCustom™ is primarily a material and colour changing product configurator. Only simple geometry changes in the product are available if they are able to be placed as an overlay with no effect on the images below (e.g. a handle on top of a door front).

Basically, every other geometry change would mean adding a new scene, which means that having multiple product choices that relate to each other wouldn’t be suitable in a GoCustom™ solution, whereas we would recommend our bespoke Customizer services for such inquiries.

Product & material matrix

We need a product & material matrix from the client outlining exactly which products and materials that should fit together.

Texture handling

This part is crucial to success, as this is one of the basic ingredients that defines the end result in terms of image quality. Typically, Cadesign form creates all textures due to the high demands. But in principle you will also be able to deliver final textures for us to implement.

All textures should meet some very specific requirements in terms of:

- Being tileable
- Having the proper resolution
- Texture sections and patterns
- Lighting settings
- Perspective being used during scanning/photography


How fast can I go online with my GoCustom™ solution?

Your GoCustom™ solution itself can be up and running in a few days, though the content production often requires additional time, in case this will be your first Cadesign form project. A small project with 1 new scene and <25 textures will have a typical production time of around 3-4 weeks, whereas larger projects will add further weeks due to the content production. If you have already produced CGI images and/or textures with us or another supplier that you would like to use in your GoCustom™, then we can cut the majority of the production time.

Can I use traditional photos instead of CGI images?

GoCustom™ is not suited for traditional photos, as you will lose a lot of the benefits from working with 3D digital images in terms of quality and flexibility within digital layering of the different material categories of the scene. In some cases, it would be possible to work with traditional photos, though it depends on the complexity of the regions that you are looking to customize.

Can I re-use the CGI images for print and online?

Yes, indeed. As a full-service CGI & communication agency, our core strategy is that we are working cross-media and your content will follow all the way.

Can I (re-)use CGI images from another supplier?

Yes, but it would require that we receive the 3D source files. We will need to open the files and define the regions that you are looking to customize. In best cases we can re-use the entire scene and will only need to make it ready for customizing, whereas in worst-case scenarios there will be a need for redoing a lot due to different 3D programs and versions, rendering plug-in, material and texture quality as well as lighting settings. We would be happy to give you a proposal for creating new CGI images.

Are you able to integrate towards E-Commerce?

Yes, we offer multiple outbound and inbound link possibilities, that will link the GoCustom™ to your webshop. For deeper / more complex integration, we are able to offer custom integration, e.g. setting up a webservice.

Can I host GoCustom™ at our own server?

No, unfortunately. All solutions on the GoCustom™ platform run on the same web server.

Can I work with localized product ranges for different markets?

Yes, we have several cases where this has been implemented.

Can I have a bespoke design for my GoCustom™ solution?

Yes, there are no limitations. You can either supply us with a (responsive) design, alternatively we can help designing your bespoke look for your upcoming GoCustom™ solution.

How do I add new content?

All new content will be added/managed by Cadesign form. The GoCustom™ solution is built very flexible and it’s easy to implement new scenes, products and textures on the run. As all textures can work across all scenes, and vice versa, adding new content is made really easy.

What kind of support is provided?

Cadesign form will support you by e-mail and phone Monday-Friday 9-15 on normal working days. If you have demands beyond these standards, we can design a specific SLA (Service Level Agreement) for your GoCustom™ solution.

Can it work offline?

No, unfortunately not. The entire solution is built as an online and browser-based tool.


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