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The future is here. With VR you can create the world as you want it to be.

Whether you want skyscrapers on an empty construction site, a beautiful kitchen in a trade fair hall, or a cosy setting with your products, which magically appears in your store, VR makes it happen. Your customers can visit your fascinating and dreamy world, where you get to decide what the centre of the universe is going to be.

We do VR film, VR experiences, realtime VR, and VR games, and we guarantee that your customers will be wowed more than ever before…


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Extending the product experience

Placing your product in a virtual universe, where the customer can experience your product and play around with it, puts you way ahead of your competitors.

With a pair of glasses and some 3D magic, you extend the showroom experience, presenting an interactive catalogue of your entire design collection, using almost no physical space.


Disassemble a Danfoss product

It’s is an impressive and educational task to disassemble a Danfoss product. For some it’s even a bit humbling. So many innovative thoughts and efforts have gone into the development of this product that it seems only fair to present it in full detail.

With HTC vive, which is VR glasses and hand-held controllers combined, the product can be disassembled, twirled around and reassembled by the user. The effect is unequalled.

Selling a home with VR


What better way to sell a housing project that is still just a hole in the ground than using VR? When selling the apartment building, Siloen, in Aalborg, Denmark, A. Engaard showed four different apartment types with VR, and it is like walking around in a home in move-in condition. Truly impressing and an uncomparable sales argument.

It’s way cooler with the VR glasses on, but get a taste of the VR experience here...


VR for Boen

"Cadesign challenges us in areas outside of our comfort zone", this is what Marketing Director at BOEN, Finn Roger Opedal, says about their VR solution. 80 images of 10 floors in 4 different styles - all shown in a photorealistic VR experience? YES, why not?

BOEN launches new products in the most convincing way possible: 360 degree high-end CGI, where the buyers can walk around different rooms and click their way through the options until they find the floor that matches their style perfectly.

"Our world' and business is, just like any other business, becoming more digital, where an understanding of the customer journey and consumer behaviour is incredibly important. This is where it becomes crucial to find the right partner. Cadesign form understands our processes and demands, and they are not afraid to challenge us in areas outside of our comfort zone."

Finn Roger,
Marketing Director at BOEN.

The VR Sales App by Cadesign form

We like to offer you the best of the best – preferably before everyone else does, so our clients are always one step ahead of their competitors. So instead of waiting for a new technology to help us, we take the matter into our own hands. We have developed a unique new product: A VR sales app that gives you the opportunity to control the VR-experience and get the most out of your VR materials.

You get a stand-alone app where flexibility and user experience are highly prioritised. The app works for both tablets and smartphones and gives you remote control to guide your customers’ journey directly through the app – no boring main menu or fumbling with the buttons on the headset to make a change of scenery.

The content is controlled by you - you decide what your customers are seeing – and in what order. You can even make it a social VR experience, where several customers are connected at the same time, and therefore share an exquisite experience centred on your product.

As a bonus, you will get a unique insight into what your customers like the most about your product. That means you can improve your sales process on an ongoing basis. With a customised front-end-design with your company’s logo and colours, it will serve as a branding experience as well.

We believe in communication that is experienced rather than read. So you should see it for yourself and both hear and experience how our new app can help you to make it easier than ever to sell your product. Contact us for a presentation!

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