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Your website is your public image, your sales window, your business card to the world and the first thing that people check up on. It needs to be a navigational wonder, an eye-catching sensation and a visually communicating wizard.

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Keeping Rohde Nielsen afloat


Operating at sea is a Rohde Nielsen A/S core competence. Rohde Nielsen is an internationally positioned marine dredging contractor with 40+ vessels and a wide range of offshore and near coast services.

With continued growth and expansion in both service areas and fleet, Rohde Nielsen is considered one of the leading companies within their area of expertise. The professionalism and strive for innovation pervades the entire organization, so naturally, Rohde Nielsen A/S needs a look to match the quality-conscious company.

Luckily, we were given the task of updating Rohde Nielsen A/S with a brand new corporate website. An exciting task of structure, UX, concept development, copywriting and a corporate visual communication ID, including new fonts and colour themes.

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What is usability and why do I need it?

Usability is the idea that website features should always be designed with the user in mind. And it’s a good idea.

Never communicate what you would like to tell others about yourself – communicate what others would like to hear - how you bring value to their life. Let your users know how they can outrival competition with your partnership or product, how your services make their life simpler, or that your product is a  dream come true and why... and better yet: Show it!

Usability is also a matter of structuring your information in a user-friendly manner. Naming menus adequately, keeping texts short, to the point and in prioritized order, minimize clicks, and have intelligent cross-linking.

Branding Bricks - Egernsund Tegl

Egernsund Tegl has long surpassed 100 years of business which is an accomplishment to acknowledge. How they have done it is fairly simple. They have managed to stay first movers in the development of tile systems that meet all energy requirements and all customer demands. They strive to continuously modernize the traditional brick, so it will always characterize construction worldwide as the unique and vibrant building brick does.

To accommodate a complex product range, multiple target groups within different segments, an ambitious scope and the need to stand out from a relatively conservative business area, we set out on a thrilling journey. In close collaboration with the highly-skilled Egernsund Tegl marketing team, we created an impressive corporate website, with built-in customisation and a sharp focus on visual communication.


”You are in good hands with Cadesign – they are innovative, visionary, friendly, solution-oriented and an amazing sounding board. You are definitely a front runner if you choose them! I wouldn’t be without them!”


Mia Thøisen, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer, Egernsund Tegl

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Simple navigation - impressive visuals

A website is a complex combination of excessive simplicity and content heaviness. A lot of darlings have to be killed off in order to communicate what your customer seeks rather than what you find interesting about yourselves.

But when you strike the gold vein of visual, navigational and textual communication, the statistics speak for themselves.

Leaving the backbone of the company in the hands of strangers is somewhat transgressive, but nonetheless the right step to take. It’s all about hitting the target audience.

Though you know your customers by heart and your company even better, you’re not the right person to secure the line of communication between the two.

Anthony Lea

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