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Svane benefits from digital transformation synergies - 
Transforming a 3D kitchen image into a SoMe film

Svane makes high quality kitchens with a strong focus on traditional crafting not only in terms of the materials they use but also in the way they produce their kitchens and the skilled employees manufacturing them. When putting so much energy into the production of their kitchens, they want to showcase them in the best possible way, which is where Cadesign form comes into the picture.


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Flawless product presentation

Initially we produced several still images presenting their kitchens flawlessly with a strong focus on detail and materials, which entailed that the still images had to be sharp and precise in order to emphasize the visual impression of every surface and curve in play. Another thing that our 3D graphic artists had a strong focus on, was the lighting in the pictures since this is one of the main parameters that creates the liveliness in the image. Lighting creates the shadows and the depth of the image which makes it look like it was taken by a professional photographer.

However, the real beauty of using 3D is that you are able to enhance every single detail and eliminate any interferences that may occur in a real photograph. This will leave you with a 3D image that increases all of the effects that will make exactly YOUR product look its best while disregarding any irrelevant elements in the image. A perfect example of product presentation, right?

See a few examples of the 3D images that we made for Svane below:

Taking 3D to the next level!

If you still are still not entirely convinced, luckily the abilities within 3D don’t cease to amaze at this point. Another way in which you can present your product in a convincing and detail oriented way is by using the stills as moving pictures. As the description may entail you simply use the already employed 3D images and make them come even more to life by giving them a small transformation by illustrating them in a short SoMe film. This example of product digitalization is very suitable for social media platforms, because the films are often quite short, they are visually appealing and they are created with such photorealism that you will be convinced that you yourself are standing in the room right next to the kitchen.

Another attribute of using film over 3D images exclusively is that the viewer will easily become more absorbed by the visual presentation due to its more engaging means of storytelling. Additionally, customers who aren’t entirely convinced by the 3D images, will get a chance to see the very same images in a moving presentation which often seems more convincing.

From a business point of view, it’s a clever addition to the 3D images since you already have the foundation in the shape of the original 3D images and simply buy in an enhancement of these very images that will make them collide in a more visually convincing means of visual communication. Another element that will enhance the presentation in itself is if you choose to add some appealing background music which will create an even greater holistic experience.

If you’re still not entirely convinced by the effect of moving pictures, see for yourself. Here is a SoMe film that we created for Svane based on the previous 3D images:

Are you convinced yet?

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